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What we don't like:

The value of GXShares will be based on the users of the decentralized data exchange. GXShares is targeting companies not individuals, their success will rely on their partnerships. Their website has a list of their partners but only available in Chinese. I’m unable to comment on the strength of those partnerships.

What we like:

The data exchange platform is a great use of blockchain technology. It creates a faster, safer, more open way to exchange users data. Unlike some blockchain competitors GX has a working data exchange platform. GXShare’s advertises their partnerships with companies wanting to use their platform in China. The GXB blockchain can host private data exchanges for parties that only want to buy and sell with certain individuals.


Blockchain: GXChain

Similar Coins: iExec RLC, Streamr DATAcoin

Current Supply: 19,300,994

Algorithm: Not Mineable