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What we don't like:

The development of the oracle systems for real world data to communicate with the smart contracts on the Gnosis platform is a major aspect in ensuring the success of Gnosis. Without proper development or integration of the proper oracles, this can possibly lead to a reduction in market share to a competitor like Augur. Invest with caution and attention to these factors. I do foresee an ecosystem in which both projects can co-exist, but one will outpace the other.


What we like:

Gnosis is a project that exemplifies one of those under the radar benefits of the utilization of blockchain technology. The potential use case of this technology is so vast that there are opportunities unknown, making Gnosis a quality project to speculate on for the long-term. Gnosis has committed resources towards investigating off-chain scaling solutions such as state channels, which enable verifiable, on-chain settlement of large volume transactional events that are cost-effective. This allows for scalability to happen much easier for growth. It is a modular platform that allows for other developers to build on top of it as easy as opening a Wordpress blog or Facebook account.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Current Supply: 1,104,590

Algorithm: Not Mineable