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What we don't like:

It’s difficult to understand what Faircoin does differently than other spendable cryptocurrencies. The proof of cooperation mining gives the miner low incentives (.01 cents per block mined) as a way to keep the rich from getting richer. However, that decreases the incentive for people to mine. What would be worse is if people with little money were to unable to use their money because their FairCoin Blocks go unmined. FairCoin is accepted in few locations. This makes it difficult for the 99% to spend. They have a few items on their store which you can buy directly. Unless, you’re buying the exact items on the FairCoin store, other spendable coins would be more useful.

What we like:

The proof-of-cooperation mining is an interesting concept to lower the energy cost of cryptocurrency mining.


Current Supply: 53,193,831

Algorithm: proof-of-cooperation