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What we don't like:

Factom implemented on of the only token/credit systems that allows prepayment of fees so a public blockchain can be used without a tradable token. This proves that the actual token may not carry its weight in gold in terms of utility, warranting the token useless. We may see in the future, a lot of companies coming out with their own blockchain solutions as well, deeming this project useless as well. The project has been around for a few years without much substantial growth, which is almost an eternity in the fast pace world of cryptocurrencies.

What we like:

Factom helps to ensure data integrity by letting hashes of data to be stored on their secure blockchain, basically converting the data to archivable, secured and cost effective means. Factom is also able to utilize any blockchain it decides to implement it’s goal. Even though this investment may be slow to rise to the occasion; the thing to remember is that factom is an actual company. It is not like most of the other crypto projects out there running on ideas and hot air with an Ethereum token.


Blockchain: Bitcoin

Similar Coins: N/A

Current Supply: 8,745,102

Algorithm: Not Mineable