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What we don't like:

The adoption of Elastos could be eclipsed by the success of Ethereum. Elastos and Ethereum could easily co-exist. However, the community of Ethereum is so large at this point, it could stop other platforms from gaining momentum. Elastos is based in China, their token sale was legal in china; but china is not the most crypto-friendly country.  







What we like:

Elastos is a new perspective on platform blockchains. Elatos allows users to tokenize digital property, this will give value to digital books, films, games and other pieces of art that have been lost in the age of piracy. Elastos solves the scaling issues seen with current blockchains by allowing Dapps to draw computer power from their operating device instead of directly from the blockchain. This merges the current system of computing with blockchain technology. Drawing power from computing sources allows large scale Dapp’s like games to run smoothly on the Elastos blockchain. Elastos also intends to be a ‘new internet’ having an Elastos OS that will be the hub for all the Elastos-based Dapp’s and digital assets. The Elastos team is talented, coming from top software companies and universities. They are pursuing a monumental task with the talent to complete it. Elastos also released on its own blockchain unlike many platforms that release their token on Ethereum. This proves they already have a working product.


Current Supply: 5,158,712

Algorithm: merged with Bitcoin mining