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What we don't like:

It’s hard to find information about the team working on Edgeless. It appears they have lots of tech people, but no casino people working on the project. This may not matter given the new technology, but it will be more of a comfort if they have someone on the team who knows the gambling industry. Their product is not available in the US. With the crypto crackdown in China we can assume it won’t be available there either. This cuts off a large portion of the population. The product isn't out yet, and investing in an cryptocurrency before it’s released is taking the gamble.

What we like:

The concept is great. A zero house edge casino has high potential. If everything works smoothly, and the online gambling interface is easy to use, this can be one of the most popular gambling websites on the internet.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: FunFair, NoLimitCoin

Current Supply: 82,046,288

Algorithm: Not Mineable