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What we don't like:

It is difficult to see what DigiByte has over other spendable cryptocurrency. The mining properties make it unique but the vast majority of crypto users don’t mine. It’s not faster than Litecoin. It’s not a better storage of value than bitcoin. It doesn’t have the use of Ethereum. It’s difficult to see what market DigiByte holds long-term.

What we like:

DigiByte has some unique properties with coin mining. It can be mined with five different algorithms, making it a great coin to learn how to mine. The DigiByte website is inviting, with lots of tutorials for people getting started with cryptocurrency. DigiByte actively works to give their coin more real world usage, such as hosting E-sports events with prize payments in DigiByte.


Current Supply: 8,742,253,657

Algorithm: sha256, skein, qubit, groestl and scrypt