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What we like:

Decred uses a highly advanced Proof of Stake system to solve issues with protocol upgrades and community voting. They aim to upgrade what bitcoin doesn’t have with changes to community consensus voting with an autonomous control system. Decred rewards voters with Decred, effectively giving interest to Decred holders. The voting system works like a juror system. This is a positive feature because it can eliminate the need for multiple hard forks, keeping the decentralized aspects of the coin in place through consensus voting.

What we don't like:

The Decred system is yet to go through any tribulations that would cause a community split, therefore the voting system has never been tested for use. This means one of the main components of the coin is untested, leaving much room for possible downside if there ever was a community split and the voting system did not lead to a satisfactory community decision.


Current Supply: 6,194,409

Algorithm: Blake 256