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What we don't like:

Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency by market cap. Due to a first-movers advantage of network effects, Dash presented itself to the marketplace as a faster, better peer-to-peer transfer of electronic cash. Even though an analysis of both coins proves that Dash is the better choice, Bitcoin still has the advantage of the network effect on its side. This means that it may be difficult for Dash to overtake Bitcoin's market share, but the success of the coin is not be dependent on taking significant volume from its competitors, only its rate of expansion and adaption.

What we like:

Dash is one of the first coins to use a protocol-level trustless mixing service called private send. This helps keep transactions anonymous. The transactions are very fast with their instant send feature. This results in confirmation times of as low as 1.3 seconds. Dash is also one of the pioneers of the masternode, which incentivizes long-term holding of the coin to stake it for a passive dividend payout. Therefore, increasing stability in the price of the coin. Dash is most likely going to be one of the few breakout coins that is utilized for mainstream use of value exchange.


Current Supply: 7,600,290

Algorithm: X11