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What we don't like:

Cloak has a huge advantage over a lot of similar coins in the marketplace. If they don’t capitalize on that advantage by marketing to the public how and why they are different, this project can fall to the wayside. If they do, the gains can be tremendous.



What we like:

The cloak shield utilizes end to end encryption to secure enigma. Decentralized cloak applications ensure that your data remains private. It also allows the encrypted sending of data to 1 or more recipients and allows any cloak coin data objects to be serialized and transmitted securely by circumventing traffic analysis. This means your location, browser, and i.p address can never be compromised. This ensures 100% privacy, making it one of the most efficient privacy coins available. CloakCoin provides a 6% annual return through wallet staking.


Current Supply: 5,103,370

Algorithm: x13