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What we don't like:

Cindicator only works if people are willing to to participate in the AI software. This is the risk with being an early Cindicator adopter. Without a massive user-base, Cindicator will not have a lot of value. Their growth dictates their worth in this regard.




What we like:

Cindicator is an original idea for blockchain technology. It uses the combined opinions of many individuals to predict behavior in the markets. People who give predictions are rewarded for the accuracy of their predictions in Cind (the Cindicator token), BTC and Eth. This incentivizes people to answer honestly. Cindicator also has a strong incentive for individuals to hold Cindicator tokens. Individuals holding Cindicator tokens have more access to information given by the Cindicator AI hybrid intelligence prediction machine. The Beta has an easy-to-use interface.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Enigma, Gnosis

Current Supply: 1,445,976,590

Algorithm: Not Mineable