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What we don't like:

Cardano is trying to break into a very crowded platform market, without anything that makes it unique. Cardano’s success will be largely dependent on the value of ADA as a commodity. Which it’s currently far behind the likes of BTC and LTC. Their success will also be based on  how many developers choose Caradano over its numerous competitors. Where it has to catch up to ETH and NEO. Given the team, Cardano has the talent to catch the competition. Let’s just hope the late release (in development since 2014) doesn’t hinder them long-term.

What we like:

Cardano has a fantastic team of bright people from all over the world. Cardano is a platform with ADA as the platform’s token. The Cardano platform wants to be on the forefront of crypto technology. They want ADA to be seen as a financial instrument i.e bitcoin. While Cardano is a popular blockchain development platform i.e Ethereum. Cardano has their own debit card, making ADA already spendable in the none crypto world.


Current Supply: 25,927,070,538

Algorithm: Ouroboros