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What we don't like:

The supply of Byteball is somewhat misleading. Byteball is measured in Gigabytes.The individual unit of a singular Byte is 1 billionth of a gigabyte. To put it into perspective. There is 10^15 total bytes and 2.3^13 total satoshi’s. So while on the surface it looks like it has a lower supply than BTC it actually has a much larger supply. One of Byteball’s main uses as a peer to peer predictions coin, has a lot of competition. Even though they are the first to have a working predictions market, the wallet/platform interface isn’t set up for mass adoption.

What we like:

The technology surrounding Byteball is advanced. The DAG (directed acyclic graph) used in place of a blockchain could possibly be the next step in cryptocurrency. The conditional payment aspect of Byteball is makes it perfect for a peer to peer betting platform, peer to peer exchange, or even just a transfer of services without having to trust the individual you are working with. Byteball also has a private payment option. Byteball is distributed for free to Bitcoin and Byteball holders, If you are a Bitcoin Hodler you should get your free Bytes. 16 BTC= .1GB, 1GB=.1GB during scheduled distribution.


Blockchain: none (DAG used)

Similar Coins: IOTA, Augur, Enigma, Gnosis

Current Supply: 583,896

Algorithm: Not Mineable