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What we don't like:

BitShares might have been overtaken by newer technologies. For example when BitShares came out with its USD token Tether had not yet been created. The BitShares decentralized exchange doesn’t list many of the popular coins, while new decentralized exchanges are realized everyday. The founder of BitShares also founded Steemit. Understandably Steemit seems to be his main focus at this point. The BitShares technology was incredible but as the crypto space grows with more niche projects taking a single part of what bit shares offers and focusing all their attention to it. BitShares may be the Xanga of the crypto world.

What we like:

BitShares is an cryptocurrency platform that encompasses many aspects of modern tokens all in one location. BitShares has its own decentralized exchange in which any user can create a token for BitShares to be back against. Anything on the BitShares platform can be traded against any other token on the Bitshares platform. BitShares allows any user to vote on BitShares consensus. The BitShares token is extremely fast. You are also able to create shared accounts accessible to multiple people, within the accounts choose what percentage of control each individual has and at what percentage a change in the account can take place.


Current Supply: 2,600,310,000

Algorithm: DPOS