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What we don't like:

I don’t see why anyone would use Bitcore, especially over a more established store and transfer of value coin such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Vertcoin. Bitcore is using the Bitcoin name and a “fork” to try and hype up their run of the mill cryptocurrency. Bitcore is hoping to ride the coattails of Bitcoin Cash. There is very little support for Bitcore. If you received Bitcore for free in an airdrop, it may have some speculative value. Be weary of purchasing Bitcore over Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash just because of the lower price.

What we like:

There are a few ways to receive free Bitcore. If you had Bitcoin in a private wallet on the 2nd of November 2017, you own Bitcore. Bitcore is also doing airdrops for early adopters. The airdrops are expected to end around May 2018.


Blockchain: Bitcore

Similar Coins: Bitcoin Cash

Current Supply: 12,325,351

Algorithm: TimeTravel10