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What we don't like:

One of the major concerns of 8MB block sizes is that when the network and transactional volume grows big enough, the same problem will occur, needing to increase the block sizes. Making the barrier to entry for mining much higher, eliminating the possible for smaller miners to enter the space, creating a more centralized structure. Though contrary to public knowledge, increasing the block sizes has always been a solution of consideration for scaling the original bitcoin chain until Blockstream received investment funds from the AXA group. Most of the development within the bitcoin community still resides within bitcoin core. There is not daily development taking place on bitcoin cash. The community support for the coin is lower than portrayed.

What we like:

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of bitcoin that was created as a response to the scaling debate within the original Bitcoin community. Bitcoin cash follows the original nakamoto roadmap of global adoption with on-chain scaling. The block size limit has been made adjustable with a default of 8MB. This allows for transaction fees to stay low without the network being clogged. Bitcoin Cash is aiming to reinstate the original goals of bitcoin in being a useable peer to peer currency in addition to being a store of value. One of Bitcoin Cash’s major benefits is that the development team consists of multiple parties, therefore the future of development is resistant to political and social attacks.


Current Supply: 16,804,600

Algorithm: Not Mineable