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What we don't like:

One of the major roadblocks for Bitcoin is scalability. The consensus miners have not been able to agree on the solutions for bitcoins scaling resulting in hard forks. Bitcoin has high cost fees for transactions compared to competitors. A major concern for potential users is whether or not government officials will regulate or ban cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin will be the largest coin affected if this takes place.

What we like:

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency invented making it the gold standard. Bitcoin has been the best performing asset worldwide over the last 8 years. Bitcoin gives people the ability to save and grow their wealth. Its limited supply and ability to be mined mimics the features of gold as a storage of wealth. Bitcoin allows people in undeveloped nations to participate in financial markets without a bank account. As cryptocurrencies gain more popularity, bitcoin will also rise in market share due to metcalfe’s law.


Current Supply: 16,666,975

Algorithm: SHA-256

Blockchain: Bitcoin