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What we don't like:

Some people believe Binance will be negatively affected by regulations in China, when on the contrary Binance is a Hong Kong registered company and will not be affected. The only road block for Binance will be maintaining preference in the market with the rise of new exchanges in the future.




What we like:

Binance is an exchange that deals in both  the eastern and western markets. The binance platform has a very slick and easy to use design. The volume it can handle on a daily business at 1.4 million orders per second proves it is a strong platform that is equipped to be 1 of the top exchanges in the market. With trading fees of 0.1% commission vs bittrex 0.25% they stand to be competitive. The binance coin allows for a 50 % discount of trading fees. Binance also has a buyback schedule of 20% of tokens until 50% of bnb coins are bought back. Those profits will allow for Binance to build a decentralized exchange in the future. We see a lot of promise in binance over the long term.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: KuCoin Shares, Lykke

Current Supply: 100,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable