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What we don't like:

A problem arose when a rogue user deconstructed the Github code and made himself a Fundamental Node FN during the 10 000% Hyper-staking period without the knowledge or consent of the B3 developers. This resulted in him generating enough B3 to assume the consensus. Having discovered this situation that the code had been hacked, the devs proceeded to burn that wallet. Cryptopia, rightly said this should not be done as it defeats the purpose of a distributed leger and the whole premise of blockchain technology resulting in a delisting. This is bad news for the B3 project but positive news and a fixing of the issue can reverse the downward trend.

What we like:

B3 offers large staking rewards if you are able to invest during the block times allotted. 10,000% per annum is designed in order to attract a large community and adoption. The goal of B3 is to implement a fundamental node that will allow for a drastic reduction in supply due to a burning of tokens that must take place in order for the node operator to receive a reward. With a rebrand in sight, this token is a high risk high reward situation.


Current Supply: 551,532,943,940

Algorithm: Not Mineable