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What we don't like:

The concept is great, but the beta platform is terrible. The team seems qualified, but their platform has a long way to go before it sees any mainstream use. The website was slow. The predictions were difficult to figure out. It was hard to place bets. It was hard to know how much I was betting. If they want to be a high-value coin, they need to do what they can to get an easy-to-use betting platform before their competitors.

What we like:

Augur is a decentralized betting platform. It is a great concept that has the potential to be one of the most popular uses of cryptocurrencies. Due to the nature of the REP token, if augur does become the first cryptocurrency to successfully handle decentralized prediction markets, those holding the REP token will benefit not only from the value of Augur but also the dividend. Augur dividends payout based on the use of their platform. Augur has great people advise their team including Vitalik Buterin - one of the founders of Ethereum.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Enigma, Byteball Bytes, Gnosis

Current Supply: 11,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable