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What we don't like:

Asch has a lot of competition amongst platform. They will need to focus on their app store as it can be their niche in this every growing platform market.





What we like:

Asch is a platform coin. Unlike Ethereum Asch Dapp’s are written in Javascript. Dapp’s using the Asch platform have side chains instead of being directly on the Asch chain. Side chains are beneficial because they allow the developers to customize features such as block size, and fees. Side chains allow for fees to be paid in the applications currency and not the platform currency. Asch separates itself from other platform coins by offering an App store interface for the purchase of Dapp’s on its blockchain. The Dapp’s can cost money (likely in the form of XAS, Asch currency) or be free. This will be very attractive to games built on the blockchain and other blockchain based mobile apps.


Similar Coins: Aeternity, Ark, Ardor, Cardano, Counterparty, EOS, Ethereum, Lisk, Nxt, Stellar Lumens, NEOOmni

Blockchain: Asch

Current Supply: 90,545,309

Algorithm: PBFT