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What we don't like:

Ark has some pretty lofty ambitions. Though the team does seem to be very equipped in being able to bring each goal into fruition; in the world of cryptocurrencies anything can go wrong, quickly. This is a high risk high return investment that is definitely worth keeping an eye on.




What we like:

Ark is a fork of Lisk. It contains the signature features of the modern crypto currencies that we like. The transaction speeds are very high with eight second transaction speeds. It uses an advanced decentralized POS which means no mining. This solves the consensus problems that the bitcoin network is facing now. They have a dedicated team of twenty plus developers that are introducing one of the main features of the coin in smart bridge. Bridging different currencies together to enhance the process of mass adoption and making Ark a central currency.


Blockchain: Ark

Algorithm: Not Mineable (DPOS)

Current Supply: 97,681,614