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What we don't like:

I’m not sure what they are trying to do. It seems like the Aeternity team is trying to put their hands in as many cookie jars as possible. They are promising a new blockchain - better than the existing blockchains. Nothing in the white paper or website makes me think their blockchain has stronger tech than Eth, or others they are competing against like Iota, Ark and NEO. Their network coin is called neon. Yet the neon token already exists, and the neon website shows no mention of any connection with Aeternity. I would recommend staying away until the product is released, and we’re able to see first-hand what makes the Aeternity Blockchain unique.

What we like:

Aeternity is promising a lot. A new scalable blockchain that combines proof of work and proof of stake mining. It allows people to make transactions off the blockchain for privacy purposes, and allows people to use a token called aeon when working on their network. If they’re able to smoothly release all of this in a tangible format, this coin could have value.  


Similar Coins: Ardor, Ark, Asch, Cardano, Counterparty, EOS, Ethereum, Lisk, Nxt, Stellar Lumens, NEO, Omni

Current Supply: 233,020,472

Blockchain: Ethereum

Algorithm: Not Mineable