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What we don't like:

We are unsure what an ad exchange on a blockchain brings to the ad market that isn’t already used by non-blockchain technology. AdEx discusses user ad profiles, but those already exist. If they allow users to make their own ad profiles, it’s unclear how many people will be willing to participate. They need an excellent product to become the ad exchange using blockchain technology.

What we like:

AdEx has a great team. A lot of their team comes from Stremio, a website that hosts video content from many different platforms. This will be a smooth transition into a platform that hosts ad content. Their team includes people who worked in the expansive market of advertising. If the AdEx platform is able to capture the mainstream ad market and bring it on the blockchain, then AdEx has an immense amount of value.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Current Supply: 53,253,776

Algorithm: Not Mineable