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What we don't like:

Decentralized exchanges are often difficult to use. It will be interesting to see if the 0x protocol is able to change this. The success of this cryptocurrency relies on how well it is implemented by third party developers. The ceiling value of the Ox token is difficult to assess because it is not required to be purchased by those wishing to exchange tokens. Instead, it will be purchased by those running the exchanges based on the 0x protocol.

What we like:

0x is a protocol for an open source decentralized Ethereum exchange. Decentralized exchanges will increase value as government regulations cause centralized exchanges to shut down. 0x’s protocol allows it to reach beyond decentralized exchanges. If a ERC20 token platform wants to accept multiple types of Ethereum tokens, they can use the 0x platform to convert them all into one common currency without having to put the conversion on the consumer.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Current Supply: 500,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable